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2 weeks ago

Construction is happening right outside the gates of the L’eau Est La Vie Camp.

If you were ever thinking of coming to camp, now is the time. Apply to join us at NoBBP.org.

If you can’t make ... See more

2 weeks ago

From July 16-31 we are joining other frontline fights to take simultaneous action to stop the Bayou Bridge, Mountain Valley, Atlantic Coast and Mariner East Pipelines - and all other extreme energy ... See more

2 weeks ago

We’re here in St. James at an illegal Bayou Bridge construction site with Travis London, talking about the environmental injustice of the pipeline and why St. James needs and deserves an evacuation ... See more

2 weeks ago


From July 16th-31st frontline resistance campaigns across the continent will be taking action simultaneously to stop pipelines and extreme energy projects.

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2 weeks ago
How to protest in Trump’s America according to people on the frontlines

"Ellinger-Locke explains the pushback against civil disobedience can’t actually rob people of their right to protest. “The thing about a person’s constitutional right to assemble freely or to ... See more

A bevy of new laws seek to stifle dissent, but the right to peaceably assemble is still guaranteed.

2 weeks ago

Drill stuck in mud

3 weeks ago
Photos from L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge's post

Us with the river rising, in a circle, under a tree, in a puddle, with the fire in the middle, and lightening all around. We were nervous, but Doña said “How can you fight back these monsters if ... See more

3 weeks ago
Camp White Pine

Although the campaign itself is a bit older, here’s to a full year of L’eau Est La Vie Camp and kicking the Black Snake (literally) in the azz! 🎂 🎊


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Happy birthday to L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge! One year of resistance and going strong! Please visit their page to find out how you can help to #StopETP!

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