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Updates from the front, please share!

Overview of camp life, intimidation, legal issues, and ways you can support the struggle.

Account of recent arrests that resulted in the first charges under ... See more

1 day ago

Join L’eau Est La Vie for a livestream update around 1pm (central) today!

Hear first hand accounts of recent events and discuss upcoming legal decisions. Ask questions? Learn ways that you can get ... See more

3 days ago
Photos from L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge's post


Photos just in from the Atchafalaya Basin showing two attacks by Energy Transfer Partners' private security. Despite their tactics, we have now delayed and disrupted ... See more

4 days ago
Anti-Pipeline Kayaktivists Hit With Felony Charges Under Louisiana's New ALEC-Inspired Law That Criminalizes Protest

Yesterday three water protectors were abducted by private security and then charged with felonies for "unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructure".

You can donate to help cover our legal costs ... See more

Activists battling the pipeline project say the fossil fuel company's private security "abducted" the kayakers before they were charged by police

4 days ago

This is an open call for all water protectors, kayaktivists, radical sailors and water going folk to join us on the frontlines as we fight the tail end of the Dakota Access Pipeline in the swamps of ... See more

5 days ago


The folks who were attacked by ETP security and then arrested have been released from jail. But all three have been charged with FELONIES under Louisiana’s new law that criminalizes ... See more

5 days ago


Three Water Protectors Arrested in the Atchafalaya Basin.

This morning three of our folx on kayaks were abducted by ETP's private security and then arrested as they stood protecting some ... See more

6 days ago
ETP Contractors Box in Water Protectors

Footage just in from the Atchafalaya Basin, where we are on day 29 of continuous blockades and disruptions of Bayou Bridge Pipeline construction.

Here you can see Energy Transfer Partner ... See more

6 days ago

**Happening Now** Water protector, Tommy, plus three others arrested at ALEC protest in New Orleans!

1 week ago
Green ARMY

“Tiny cracks, often invisible to the eye, appear as infrastructure ages. Detecting them before they cause spills is a multi-billion dollar global business.

But according to industry insiders and a ... See more