Pledge to Resist the Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Here in the bayous of Louisiana, our water and way of life is under threat, and we need your support.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the very same company behind the notorious Dakota Access Pipeline, is trying to build a 162 mile crude oil pipeline across Louisiana called the Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP). The BBP will pollute our water,crossing an astounding 700 bodies of water including Bayou LaFourche, a critical reservoir that supplies the United Houma Nation and 300,000 Louisiana residents with clean, safe drinking water.

Communities across the pipeline route are uniting to fight the project. A focal point of this resistance is the L’eau Est La Vie (water is life) Camp.

Construction on the pipeline is happening now. Please join us in our resistance.

L’eau Est La Vie. Mni Wiconi. Water Is Life.
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Pledge To Resist
Stay Informed: Join our mailing list, follow and like us on social media, attend public hearings
Inform others: Volunteer to canvas, assist in publicizing events, share social media posts
Move the Movement: Donate to keep the movement going! Funds or material items. Host a donation drive or fundraiser!
Defend and Protect: Commit to participating in Nonviolent Direct Action trainings and to taking Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and Energy Transfers Partners!
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