Minecraft is undoubtedly well-loved by many because it’s a family friendly game that has the support of the latest survival servers; offering the latest 1.20 version and the oldest or lowest versions of the game. .
Not a few players choose a Minecraft server based on the distinctive but quirky biomes they discover as potential survival tools and resources.

Minecraft humannTo some, the best Minecraft survival servers are those that enable them to customise mobile entities or mobs; whether passive, neutral or hostile. Some of the most popular mob customisation projects are those that can breed or be spawned and be developed as an army of protectors.
Other minecrafters consider servers with arrays of interesting quests that will keep them engaged in competitions with multiplayers.

The following servers are being accessed by many players because they support different Minecraft game modes. They all have distinct server qualities that make them a regular choice among Minecraft gamers.

Minecraft steveCraftYourTown – regarded by adventure loving players as the best Minecraft server, currently ranked as Number 3 by 2,503 voters. As indicated by the server title CraftYourTown, its gaming population are mostly builders, explorers and crafters who embark on epic quests It has a small population of 71 in which up to 70 log in to play game modes like Economy, Survival, Towny, Vanilla, Lifesteal, Parkour and many others. In addition, there are weekly minigames that offer exciting prizes.

PixelBlock – A Minecraft Survival server that is economy-based in the latest 1.20 version. A Community of 500 players who are assigned with voting ranks, players online are always willing to help new members find their footing in the default survival game. Fortunately the server technologyis up 100% of the time.