upgrading windows operating systemIf you’re looking for a windows 10 home key to activate the Operating System in your computer, be in the know there are different ways you can get a legitimate MS-Windows activation code. However, if you are looking for a Windows 9 home key, our advice is for you to immediately scan your computer for viruses or malware. Have awareness that Microsoft did not release a Windows 9 OS. You can get confirmation of this information from the Microsoft Support Site.

In all probability, the Windows 9 OS you downloaded intends to infect your computer. The Microsoft Support site confirmed the non-existence of version 9 by saying that Microsoft skipped with the use of the numeric 9 in labelling their Windows OS. Furthermore, the site also mentioned that the successor of the Windows 8 OS version is Windows 10.

So even if you find a tutorial video on how to download and install a Windows 9 OS; or be offered with a product key in exchange for money as it will enable you to activate a so-called special and exclusive Microsoft OS, don’t be fooled. It’s a plain and simple scam of milking money from MS-Windows users who want to upgrade their existing operating system,

Why Microsoft Deliberately Skipped the Number 9 in Labelling Its OS

Given that in the past, Microsoft has numerically labelled its OS to indicate the version number of its Windows technology, Yet after the Windows 7 and 8 versions, Microsoft immediately proceeded with the number 10 as the succeeding version.

The reason was simple; Microsoft did so to signify that the Windows 10 version, a.k.a. Threshold, is Microsoft’s last major release of a Windows version. The developers of Windows 10 said that as a last major update, the program was designed to have a common codebase that can work with various devices and across different screen sizes.

Windows 10 Marked the Introduction of Digital Licence to Replace the Product Key

microsoft laptopsThe release of the Windows 10 version marked the use of a digital license to automatically install the Microsoft product purchased directly from its online store. Apparently a Windows 10 product key is no longer functional to use as a program activator because the digital license already functions as such for the Windows 10 and thereafter the Windows 11 versions,

However, while a digital license is included as part of a new Windows 10 purchased directly from the Microsoft Store, buying a digital license becomes necessary for the following use cases:

Buying a digital license to upscale or upgrade one’s existing Windows 7 or 8 software to the Windows 10 version.

Purchasing a new PC running on a pre-installed Windows 10 or 11 software that forms part of the product offer.

A Windows operating system is purchased straight from a physical, brick and mortar Microsoft Store that is authorised to issue a digital license that forms part of the Microsoft Terms of Agreement.