WeCoach sells coaching for ValorantValorant coaching first-person-shooter games, via mentoring plans offered by Radiant-ranked gamers belonging to the top 500 players in their region. The WeCoach coaching plans start from the most basic unranked modes through the competitive matches of the eight 3-tiered ranked game levels from Iron, to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal and eventually, the single rounds of FPS events.

The Radiant level is the ultimate and final stage of becoming a full-fledged Valorant agent. It’s in this stage that players develop certain reactions to a powerful element known as radianite. Even in this final stage, Radiants strive to access the special powers that will give them extraordinary and exclusive capabilities, which only a few have attained as Agents of the Valorant Protocol.

The Radiant mentors of WeCoach know from personal experience the long and hard climb to the top. How the grinding activities can be downright frustrating; more so, when faced with toxic gamers. Toxic behaviours can make players lose their self-confidence and quit the competitive match. Although Valorant being relatively new is not as heavily populated by toxic gamers in the same depth and breadth as the CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) gaming community. CS: GO was created and released in 2010 and since then became one of the most popular titles chosen by gamers for ranked FPS matches.

Toxic environments are dangerous because they have a reputation for making players with weaker resolve, get pulled down and out of the game. Often times, abandoning their aspirations of becoming professional Valorant players.

Can Coaching Really Help Valorant Players Improve Their Gaming Skills and Experiences

Although strategising on how to ward off toxic players is not part of the Valorant mentoring services, the Radiant coaches can help players become more formidable competitors so they can do it on their own.

Coaching Goals The WebCoach services go beyond improving game plays and strategies when performing any one of the 4 Agent roles Controller, Duelist, Initiator and Sentinel.
While many question the effectiveness of coaching in a tactical first-person shooter game, there is more to be learned from those who worked closely with coaches.

Valorant coaches raise players’ awareness that tactical competitive gaming is more than just improving mechanical skills. What coaches aim to cultivate as gaming prowess is the refinement of applications of game knowledge, effective decision-making process and dedication to the practice of one’s technical skills.

Providers of coaching services watch learner performances closely so they can give personalised feedback as part of a sustainable and structured approach to mentoring players. In time, coached players
become confident in tackling competitive matches on their own, which makes them less vulnerable to the negative effects of a toxic gaming community.